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Kenny's Pine Jelly Cleaner Concentrate

Powerful Cleaner!   Natural Deodorizer!   Pleasing, Refreshing Pine Odour!  Naturally Bacteriostatic by Nature!

Kenny's Pine Jelly Soap is a proprietary oil soap engineered by Kenny with the best pine oil, known throughout the ages to be bacteriostatic by nature, uniquely blended into a jelly. It uses naturally derived ingredients. It contains no harsh ingredients that would harm the finest wood surface or your hands, yet provides results normally associated with heavy duty cleaners. Dilute 1 or 2 tablespoons in 1 gallon of water to cut through soils fast. No rinsing. Cleaned surfaces may show a marked reduction in bacterial count. Floors may be lightly buffed when dry.

Clean surfaces have a beautiful shine!

For over 25 years the Cleveland Public Schools purchased Kenny's Pine Jelly Soap for use thoughout their facilities. Moreover, Kenny's Pine Jelly Soap was used to clean and deodorize the childrens' bathrooms. Importantly, strong odors were eliminated with its use. I still remember that fresh, clean pine aroma permeating the school while standing at the far end of a hallway, the bathrooms at the other end. Of course, you can expect great results on your finished wood surfaces, marble, granite, terrazzo, quarry tile, vinyl tile and any other washable surfaces, such as washroom fixtures, including toilets.

Awesome Whole House Deodorization.    Biodegradable.    Made by Hand with No Electricity.

  • Five (5) pound containers
  • Forty (40) pound pails
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