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Royal Guard Floor Finish
A Brilliant Choice!
Ultimate Wet-Look Floor Finish

Royal Guard, as developed, formulated and manufactured by Guardian is a revolutionary, ultimate wet-look floor finish. No buffing is required. Use low, high or ultra high speed burnishing equipment to further enhance gloss. Royal Guard keeps that great wet-look through thousands of footsteps, without yielding to scuffs and black heel marks. If a black mark should appear, it can be wiped right off with your finger. Even though Royal Guard possesses a mirror-like shine and diamond-like toughness, multiple coats will strip easily. In summary, Royal Guard is easy to apply, provides the user with goof proof leveling, has exceptional initial gloss, long lasting wet-look gloss, extreme toughness that provides a shield against scuffs, black marks and possesses incredible detergent resistance to muliple scrubbings.

In Stock Availability: 20% non-volatile solids, 25% non-volatile solids

Packaging: Quarts(32 ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces), 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums
Royal Guard Formula 457 contains a special blend of waxes to further enhance ultra high speed burnish response, more "pop", making neutral color floors look like an explosion of brilliant color. Yet, buffing is not a requirement to achieve wet-look gloss. Formula 457 shines on through thousands and thousands of footsteps, while not sacrificing wear, scuff and black heel mark resistance. Formula 457 is easy to apply, has exceptional initial gloss, extreme toughness, incredible detergent resistance and goof-proof leveling. It is available in 25% solids.

Recommended Substrates for all Royal Guard formulas:
Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), VA Tile, Terrazzo, Linoleum, Marble, Sealed Wood, Quarry, Brick and Sealed Concrete

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