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Guard Kote Sealer
A Brilliant Choice!
Ultimate Wet-Look Floor Sealer/Finish

Guard Kote, as developed, formulated and manufactured by Guardian is a revolutionary, ultimate wet-look floor sealer and finish. No buffing is required. It contains special ingredients to enhance its inherent protective qualities and can be a walk-ready topcoat, if desired. Guard Kote's film optics can create a mirror-like shine and diamond-like toughness. Multiple coats will strip easily. Finally, Guard Kote will provide flooring protection against stains, and most especially from floor mats, beverages, oils (food & petroleum)and rust. Guard Kote's extreme toughness provides a shield against scuffs, black marks and possesses incredible detergent resistance to muliple scrubbings.

In Stock Availability: 25% non-volatile solids

Packaging: Quarts(32 ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces), 5 Gallon Pails
Recommended Substrates for Guard Kote:
Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), VA Tile, Terrazzo, Slate, Marble, Quarry, Brick, Concrete, Travertine, and other Unglazed Tile, Grout

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