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Rejuven8 Citrus Ultra Concentrate

Rejuven8 is our first and most widely famous formula. You would find Rejuven8 in many Cleveland company storerooms. Here is a brief, historical list:

  • Cleveland Transit System (RTA)
  • Cleveland Press
  • Yellow Cab
  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA)
  • Cleveland Municipal School District
  • Sheraton Inn - Public Square
  • TRW
  • City of Cleveland
  • Republic Steel
  • Alcoa
  • LTV Steel
  • White Motor

It is still the best in Cleveland and everywhere. It instantly removes oil, ink, grease, adhesive, carbon, heavy grime, soap scum, and oxidized paint from all washable surfaces. This formula is the ultra concentrate with citrus oil. We consider Rejuven8 to be the best wall cleaner, especially painted walls. Make your own spray and wipe formula. Just dilute with water in a bucket or bottle for versatility, economy and safety.

Biodegradable.    Non-Toxic.



    Packaging: Liters(34ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces),
                         5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums
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