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Rejuven8 Citrus Spray and Wipe
"Spray on — Wipe Off"
It's that Easy!

Rejuven8 Citrus Spray and Wipe is a new green uniquely formulated product that instantly removes, oil, ink, grease, smoke film, pet stains, heavy grime, soap scum, and juice stains. Although recommended to be applied as provided, this formula can be further diluted for economy without sacrificing performance. Fresh citrus fragrance.

Green.     Biodegradable.     Non-Toxic.     Non-Hazardous.     Non-Corrosive.

    Packaging: Liters(34ounces) with commercial sprayer, Gallon bottles(128ounces),
                         5 Gallon Shelf Pack with Spigot, 55 Gallon Drums
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