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Liberate Stripper
"Mop-On, Vac-Off & No Rinse"
Liquefying Stripper

Liberate is a high-speed, labor saving stripper that easily cuts though multiple layers of burnished finishes and the toughest build-up problems. It reduces labor costs due to the speed at which it works — now! It can save money over ordinary stripping methods — no machine needed. Liberate is formulated with a high technology surfactant system with emulsifiers that really 'bite' fast. No rinsing is required; floor downtime is kept to a minimum. It leaves no alkali residues. Obnoxius odors are kept to a minimum with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

We can kick Liberate up for extreme cleaning of tough build-ups. Ask for Liberate X.
Packaging: Liters(34ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces), 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums
Super Rip
"Vertical Jelly Stripper"
Super Rip is the vertical stripper for use on any washable surface, such as baseboards and cove bases. It dissolves heavy wax buildup, grime and scuff marks. Great for use on stairs and risers. Pleasant pine fragrance. It is extremely economical when compared to aerosols.
Packaging: Five(5) pound containers, Forty(40) pound pails
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