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House Siding Cleaner
Ultra Concentrate
Rejuven8 House Siding Cleaner is a special formula engineered to 'break' the bond that holds soils to your siding. Catalytized ingredients emulsify the soils, making it easy to wash off. This product was tested in a laboratory of a world-wide paint manufacturer for effectiveness and safety. The result–the lab manager stated, "It is one of the few products we have tested that actually does what it says." It instantly removes dirt, mildew, soot, pollutant, leaf stain, bird poop, fly poop and oxidized paint. Rejuven8 will not harm grass, shrubs, glass or pets. Your siding will look brand new. Safe for all types of siding, gutters, brick and stone. Used by contractors for warranty work on vinyl and aluminum siding.
Instantly Removes:
  • Oxidized Paint.
  • Leaf Stains.
  • Bird Poop.
  • Bonded Dirt & Soot.
  • Pollutants.
  • Fly Poop.
Packaging: Gallon bottles(128ounces)
                      5 Gallon Pails
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