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Formula 835
Tile & Grout Cleaner/Brightner
Instantly Dissolves Greasy, Grimy Soils & Brightens Grout

Formula 835 Tile & Grout Cleaner/Brightner is an excellent choice for the restoration of quarry tile, ceramic, brick, and other hard substrates. The hi-tech synergistic surfactant system will 'dig' down deep into the stone and grout and remove greasy, grimy soils. Grout will be restored to its natural color without damage. We use phosphoric acid, not hydrochoric acid, in making Formula 835.

  • Restores Grouts Original Color.
  • Restores Non-slip Properties of Tile.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Safe on tile, e.g. Quarry & Ceramic.
Packaging: Liters(34 ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces), 5 Gallon Natural TH Can

Go to Photo Gallery to view quarry tile and grout in kitchen cleaned with Formula 835.
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