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Formula 201
Scale Solvent
Removes Hard Water Deposits and Lime Soap Buildups

Formula 201 Scale Solvent is an excellent performer for use on scale buildup on urinals and toilet bowls due to hard water and urine scale. Worker safety is key as we use phosphoric acid, not hydrochoric acid, in making Formula 201. Further, Formula 201 will not damage flooring,e.g. terrazzo, with accidental spillage like hydrochoric acid bowl cleaners. It is safe to use on all glazed porcelain fixtures and glazed ceramic tile. One gallon package saves money over quart bottles.

  • Citrus fragrance.
  • Nonabrasive.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Shines Fixtures.
Packaging: Liters(34 ounces), Gallon bottles(128ounces), 5 Gallon Natural TH Can
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