Extractor/Bonnet Carpet Cleaner Concentrate

Steamy is the perfect, professional jet extraction cleaning solution — designed to work in cold water equipment. Use with hot water for that 'WOW' factor. The non-clogging formula features a power-boosting dual surfactant system that leaves no residue that would contribute to resoiling. Our special blend of emulsifiers work on the toughest kitchen grease, industrial oils, grime, asphalt stains, ice melter residue, coffee, wine, juice and cosmetics. It is extremely low foaming. We add a generous amount of optical brightners for that 'factory–new' pop of color. It contains lots of Fresh–n–Klene deodorizer for the worst carpet odors. Freshens room air.

Prevents Resoiling.    Non-Corrosive.    Non-Clogging.    Biodegradable.    Brightens carpet.
Excellent Results in all Extractors.    Low Foaming.    Best Bonnet Carpet Cleaner.
Packaging:   Liters(34ounces),  Gallon bottles(128ounces),  5 Gallon Pails
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