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Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

Spot–Gone works where other products have failed. Gets out tough, old stains. So buy Spot–Gone first. This formula instantly removes oil, grease, fat, ink, crayon, blood, food, vomit, water-based paints, coffee, tea, juice, red wine, lipstick, wax, soda pop and alcoholic beverages, etc. It features a power boosting dual surfactant system that leaves no residue that would contribute to resoiling. Optical brightners 'pop' your carpet and upholstery fabric back to that 'factory–new' appearance. Biodegradable.

Contains lots of Fresh–n–Klene deodorant.
Excellent for use as a pretreatment on carpet traffic lanes.
Packaging:   Liters(34ounces) with Sprayer,   Gallon bottles(128ounces)
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