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The Cleveland Press, Monday, Feb. 15, 1965    
Guardian Co. Cleans Up With Rejuven8 Spray

You may not have noticed it, but CTS has been cleaning its buses more frequently in recent years. In fact, the Transit System has won national cleanliness and maintenance awards consistently.

Yet despite the stepped up program of cleaning and maintenance, CTS is spending proportionately less for cleaning than it did previously.

Much of the credit for this seemingly paradoxical circumstance is due to the efficiency of CTS's maintenance department.

Partly responsible, too, is a Cleveland company which helped set up CTS's cleaning system and furnishes the cleaner compounds. This firm is Guardian Co. of Cleveland.

1965 article Cleveland Press

Guardian Co. also makes Super Guard floor finish, wax strippers and Power Klene, a heavy duty cleaner and degreaser.

Rejuven8, a cleaning concentrate developed and manufactured by Guardian Co. of Cleveland, is used to clean CTS buses. The transit system has won numerous national awards for cleanliness.

Among important customers in addition to CTS are The Press, Yellow Cab and some of Cleveland's largest industrial companies.

The No. 1 product for the concern is its Rejuven8 Concentrate spray-on catalytic cleaner. The company develops its formulas in its own laboratory. Rejuven8 and other products, like Bacterine, a disinfectant cleaner, are packaged in pints, quarts, gallons, three gallon containers, thirty gallon and fifty-five gallon drums and three hundred gallon tank.

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